Virtual Counselling

Calming Tree Counselling is now offering virtual counselling for individual, couples, children, and family sessions.

All virtual services are conducted by one of our counsellors and can provide you with a range of therapeutic services through an easily accessible video platform or by telephone. 

The video and telephone counselling is completely secure.  At Calming Tree, we use an online platform that is encrypted and follows PIPEDA guidelines. This ensures the privacy of your session and maintains confidentiality.

How it Works

After booking a virtual counselling appointment, you will be sent an automated email before your appointment that contains a confidential link to your session. Simply click the link to provide consent and begin your online session!

What are the benefits of virtual counselling?

  • It provides a secure and confidential alternative to in-person counselling.
  • Provides the comfort of engaging in counselling from your home or another setting.
  • Eliminates time spent travelling to and from our office.
  • It may provide you with increased flexibility in your schedule for making appointments.
  • Virtual counselling can be accessed from any type of devices such as a phone, laptop, or tablet.
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